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Too much of the time in the financial services industry, people fall victim to a herd mentality. They buy securities when prices are high and sell when prices are low. They follow what is popular or exciting rather than what is in their best interests. We believe financial confidence is a process and cannot be built upon shortcuts or cookie-cutter financial plans that are compiled with a narrow focus. True success depends on taking a macro-level look at our client's needs.

Here at Lone Wolf, we want strong, active relationships with our clients. This means knowing you, your specific situation and goals, as well as you having active discussions with us and being responsive to our contact. This is what allows us to do our job better, which ultimately is to serve you.

With all of our clients, we follow a five-step process which is intended to create open conversations and provide quality education on your situation. When you come on as a client and go through our process, you can expect at minimum three meetings before taking action or making any changes. The length of our process is dependent on a number of things such as the intricacy of your situation, overall document organization, and your responsiveness.

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This is usually a coffee visit to see if we are a good fit for each other. Nothing more, nothing less. We aren't the right advisor for everyone and we know that. All we want to do at this stage is learn about you and share our story. If we are a good fit, we will progress with the relationship; if not, we will help direct you to another individual(s) who may be right for you.

Review Process:

If we decide to work together, this stage is where we start to learn in-depth about you and your specific situation. We have conversations about your history, your current situation, and most importantly, what you have envisioned for yourself.


After we have received all the information, we take the time to sort through the notes and come up with a game plan for you. When we visit with you again, we walk you through the various suggestions, the details of each, and what we think would be the best decision for you.


With the game plan chosen, we take the necessary actions steps to implement your plan. This could mean changing investments, going through underwriting for insurance, or placing the proper beneficiaries on your accounts and policies. At this stage, if your situation dictates, you can expect to complete account opening documents and transfer forms.

Ongoing Relationship:

After the solutions have been chosen and implemented, our relationship does not end. We believe in visiting with our clients multiple times per year. Our reasoning for this is your situation, needs, and wants can change unexpectedly and by visiting regularly, we are staying proactive rather than reactive with our recommendations to you.

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