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All championship winning teams have one thing in common: cohesive team members executing their respective job. At Lone Wolf, we believe the same is true to have a successful and profitable business and we take a team-based, solutions-driven approach to working with your business.
At all stages of working with you and your business, we're focused squarely on learning about you and the specific needs of your business. This helps us to have a deeper understanding of your business and ultimately decide on what experts we need to include on your team. Typically, a team of experts is comprised of a lawyer and accountant, but could include bankers, realtors, insurance agents, etc., dependent on the nature and needs of your business. As the head of your team, it's our job to ensure that all team members are communicating and working together for your best interests.

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When you partner with Lone Wolf for business services, we are compensated in the ways listed. Compensation is discussed and fully disclosed before rendering any services.

  • Flat Fee
  • Assets Under Management for investments and retirement plans.
  • Commission on limited basis for insurance products.

The needs of an entrepreneur are vastly different than the needs of a business owner with an established and profitable business. We realize that and tailor our services to your specific business need. As your business grows and evolves, so too does our service to you. Our services typically include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Creation of successful team of experts focused on your business
  • Analysis of Business Spending, Cash Flow, and Debt Analysis
  • Business Continuation Planning - reviewing and implementing a Buy/Sell agreement
  • Retirement Plan Review and Implementation - 401(k) plan, SIMPLE or SEP IRA
  • Investments
  • Management Meetings
  • Key introductions to individuals that will enhance your business

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