What is does financial confidence look like to you?

  • A cabin in Jackson Hole, Wyoming?

  • Golfing your way across the UK?

  • Spending as much time as possible with your grandchildren?

When you partner with Lone Wolf, we provide specific solutions that are centered around you, your situation, and what goals you want to accomplish. With all clients we create a personalized "Legacy Plan" document that contains your personal information, various accounts and policies, and all legal documents in a centralized location. When constructing this document with you, we work with your team of professionals (lawyer, accountant, etc.), beneficiaries, and the executor of your will. This process is intended to create a clear understanding by all parties, what your ultimate wishes are.

Throughout the year, we meet with our clients multiple times through face-to-face meetings and phone calls as well as emails, newsletters, and articles relating to your specific situation. This approach allows us to be proactive with our relationships and do what we do best for our clients: give personalized advice.

I could use a plan for the future.

At Lone Wolf, we are paid in the following ways and fully disclose any compensation. All compensation is discussed before account opening and before rendering any service.

  • Flat Fees ranging from $500/yr. to $2,000/yr. and is dependent on the intricacy of your situation.

  • Assets Under Management (AUM) fees range from 0.90% to 1.50%, dependent on the size of your account(s).

  • Commission on life insurance products and on a very limited basis for investments.

Services that we provide are listed below. The services we render are dictated on your situation and evolves as you grow and your life circumstances change.


Financial Planning:

  • Yearly "Action Steps" which give you a plan for the year, updated Net Worth & Retirement Projections, and review of Important Relationships & Documents

  • Advice in the following areas:

    • Cash Flow (Budget) Planning & Tracking

    • Debt Review & Reduction Planning

    • Life & Disability Insurance Review

    • Retirement Planning, Allocation, and Projections

    • Investments

    • Estate Planning Recommendations - Wills, Power of Attorney, & the proper naming of your beneficiaries

    • Yearly Tax Planning

  • An asset allocation of your work-related retirement account(s), personal retirement account(s), and Health-Savings Account(s)

  • Access to a valuable network of estate planning attorneys, CPA's, and insurance agents

  • Unlimited personalized support to help you reach your goals


  • Life - Term, Return of Premium, & Cash Value

  • Disability Insurance

  • LongTerm Care Insurance



  • Retirement Accounts - IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, Simple IRA

  • Brokerage Accounts